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“Your One Stop Survivor Shop
 “After wearing my new prosthetic bra, I felt “normal” for the first time in months. My clothes fit and looked exactly as they should. I did notice a more balanced feeling and appearance. This service was exceptional in every way.”
“This was the first time that I was completely satisfied with the fit in all my years of wearing the prosthesis I was ecstatic about the location the boutique and the quality. If there was a rating. I would rate it as an A+.”
C.C. Penn
“You provide an excellent facility in a time of need. Thank you.” E.K.
“My mother was completely satisfied with the way she was treated!!”
“I am very pleased with my new bras and form. It took awhile to finally get them because of insurance purpose. Thank you for being there for us survivors.” D.C.
“Always a pleasant experience. You make each visit comfortable. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the products and insurance.”
“Bonnie is wonderful. I knew I was going to like her just by the excellent phone service I received from her. She was patient, thorough and full of very helpful information.” D.L. Penn
“Excellent Service!! Completely Satisfied!!” D.H-R.

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